Books I Love

Stoner July 17 2014, 0 Comments

I knew I had to come to this book some day, after reading somewhere that the French novelist Anna Gavalda had decided to take it upon herself to translate it into French. She had loved it that much. It was that good.

And good it certainly was. It feels like a classic in the best sense of the word. The writing is superb, strong and evocative. The main character is heartbroken and heartbreaking.

Yet, it was a harrowing reading experience. I cannot say that I looked forward to getting back to it. Perhaps I felt its melancholy a little too vividly, its inherent bleakness was literally crawling up my skin.

I almost shouted with joy in the middle of the book when a ray of light finally pierced through the cracks. It was like rising to the surface after a long underwater swim. Until it was gone again.

Definitely a book that everyone should experience.