Who is your Book Hunter?

My name is Melanie and I was born in Paris. I grew up in France, lived for four years in India as a child and fell in love with the English language at the New Delhi American Embassy School. I later moved to Montreal, Canada to pursue my graduate studies and obtained an M.A. in English and Creative Writing. In 2008, I published my first collection of poems "Anatomy of a Love Affair (My Life in the Movies)" in Ireland.

I worked for six years as a researcher in advertising in Montreal where I identified trends and emerging talents for the creative department. I am now living in Maryland after falling in love and marrying an American boy and am currently working on my first novel about the immigrant experience and the birth of the movies at the beginning of the century in the USA.

In July 2011, I discovered the wondrous world of Instagram. A bewitching place that let me take a peek into people's lives as if I were flipping through the pages of a visual diary and was privy to what inspired and moved them on a daily basis. I was hooked.

I started posting pictures of the books I was reading and soon enough, book lovers from the US, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Canada, Argentina, France, Sweden, Brazil, Australia and many other places started to follow my feed and take part in lively and passionate conversations about upcoming debut novels and favorite writers. 

And I started to wonder.

Wouldn't it be something if Helene and Karin in Copenhagen, Reuven in Seattle, Francesca in Rome, Saqib in NYC, Jocelyn in Miami, Ana in Sao Paulo, Joe in San Francisco, Isabelle in Montreal, Kelly in Berkeley, Ceci in Buenos Aires and Douglas in Dallas all got to read and daydream about the same book at the same time?

What if I created a new form of "book club" where people could buy subscriptions to receive a surprise new work of fiction in the mail every month and be part of an awesome global literary clique?

What if I partnered and collaborated with writers, editors and publicists and supported publishing houses around the country by ordering the books directly from them?

So I took the plunge. I created My Book Hunter. I fused my love of books, my talent for curation, my hunger for discoveries and my desire to be part of something bigger than myself. 

It may just be the coolest thing that I have ever done.

Let the Book Hunting begin. :)